The town of Veli Lošinj is situated in a small cove on the southeast end of the island of Lošinj, at the very foot of Sv. Ivan hill. With almost 1.000 inhabitants, it ranks as the third settlement of the Cres-Lošinj group of islands. Tall houses, many lavish villas and towers in the town centre are its hallmarks.

An interesting fact is that Veli (Big) Lošinj, previously known as Velo Selo, was larger than Mali (Little) Lošinj, but due to its position and the development of sea faring business, Mali Lošinj took precedence. Hence nowadays, the two towns bear names reverse to the realistic situation of the size of the inhabited area.

In the very centre of the town there is a beautifully decorated parish church of Saint Anthony the Hermit with a tall bell tower. On the opposite side of the harbour, there is a tower with a crown. It was erected in the 16th century to defend the harbour from sea invasions. The tower is the motif on the coat of arms of Veli Lošinj. Should you stroll through the narrow town streets, you will be able to see lavish villas that belonged to former captains and aristocracy. The town park, situated in the hospital vicinity, numbers about 200 species of plants. The town itself started developing in the 15th century, around Saint Nicholas church, the. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere of a fishing town, you will find it further along in Rovenska cove. Surrounding the little harbour are houses and restaurants and not far away is a great breakwater, the founding stone of which was laid by the Archduke Maximillian.

Map of Veli Lošinj


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